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We found Gugi’s artwork online and fell in love with her “And I saw the world was all blessed and bright” painting. She answered our inquiries promptly and shipped our painting all the way to Australia. Gugi packed the painting very well and It arrived less than 2 weeks. The painting is now the centrepiece of our living and dining room. Our friends love the painting too. Thank you very much for the lovely abstract artwork. It will definitely stay with us forever.

Mar Nur | Dec 22, 2018

I found Gugi online and have been artcrushing her ever since. She is the kind of talent that even an artist collects her work. I never thought I could own one myself but she was determined to find a way! She is delightful and just a joy to work with. The piece itself graces my living room where I stare at it several times a day, happy to lose myself in the ever-changing blue shapes. It is astounding how she can embrace such color in such a palatable way. As an artist I actively choose not to dissect her work, but just enjoy it. Blessings!

Molly Hathaway | Dec 20, 2018

Very nice work - likely to challenging to bring to the Bay Area or Tahoe where I am currently working. Thanks for your email introduction. Best of luck!

Robin Reiners | Jun 7, 2018

Gugi was great. Excellent communication until the painting was in our hands. The painting was gorgeous and really brightens up the room. Perfect for a special project. Thank you!

Ana Kovač | Mar 12, 2018

Welcome to the highly emotive world of Gugi Goo, an abstract painter of delicious, large abstract paintings that draw the viewer in and invite us to linger in wonder and revelry. Gugi’s fluid paintings have a very delicate quality to them giving the impression that the light shapes on the canvas can fly off into a magic land of fairy tales at any given moment. Blink and you missed them. Take' Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop' for example. Rorschach like colour imprints lightly touch the canvas and dance away on the surface. The generous space between each shape allows for the painting to breathe and create a sense of freedom and abandonment. Splashes of colour are arranged in a carefully controlled, pleasing rhythm on the canvas. The arrangement is evocative of music and dance – there is an invitation to let your troubles go and immerse yourself in a world of abandonment. At the same time the delicate calligraphy lines in the painting seems to hint at fragility and tenderness. While many of Gugi’s artworks are a study in the art of using monochromes and a restrained colour palette effectively there are also the wonderfully dynamic colour riots such as 'Abstract V'. Bold purple interacts with black and white in a dramatic composition where each colour seems to embody a character wrestling to take control of the canvas. Again, despite the strength of the tumbling colour blocks there is a sense of airiness and lightness to Abstract V that is typical of the body of Gugi’s work. 'You dance like a rapturous player' bursts with energy and joie the vivre. Bold, gestural brush strokes combined with splattered paint that is allowed to run and roam freely make this a highly joyful and playful piece. The viewer is invited to rejoice in an experience of impulsive expression and carefreeness. Gugi’s love for the Sufi mystic, Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī is evident in most of her work: a passionate seeking of spiritual enlightenment through the use of rhythm and art. Frequently Rūmī quotes carefully integrated into the artwork inviting the viewer to consider the quote within the context of the canvas frame. Gugi’s work suggests a very active engagement with the unconscious realm. Colour and shape are used to expressive emotional content. As a viewer I am invited to explore her inner world through the medium of her artwork; an invitation that allows me a certain level of intimacy. It is this intimacy that connects me to the emotional impact of Gugi’s magical paintings. I feel involved and moved.

Angela Dierks | Feb 9, 2018

I am an interior designer who found this artists beautiful work. She adjusted the color just a bit to create two outstanding paintings to work beautifully in one of my rooms. Very talented and such a pleasure to work with!!

Marian Margetson | Feb 9, 2018

I love your art because it’s allowing me to interpret itself in my own way. Colours and form of your painting are just trace of the creator’s hand, which is not reflecting accurate record of reality. When I see painted flower I interpret it just as a flower, but when exposed to the piece of art like this, I can see everything, not just what the artist meant. I love it!!! :)

Alexandra | Feb 9, 2018

Beautiful pieces! The artist worked with me to tweak color for an Interiors hotel project in Miami.

evey | Feb 8, 2018
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